You will visit historic sites and ancient streets of the city: Deribasovskaya, Pushkinskaya, Richelievskaya and Lanzheronovskaya; masterpiece of architecture – Opera and Ballet Theatre, as well as historic buildings, where now  the Archaeological and Naval museums located; after that you will be able to walk through the cozy Primorsky Boulevard, will see the historical building of current City Council, the palace of Earl Vorontsov with a colonnade, a monument to Duke de Richelieu and the famous Potemkin Stairs, the main entrance to the seaside boulevard from the sea. Enjoy a wonderful view overlooking the harbor station and Ekaterininskaya square.


Beautiful Odessa is rich in sights. Guests of the city are in a hurry to see the Odessa Opera, Privoz and Deribasovskaya, walk along the Primorsky Boulevard and go down the Potemkin stairs. This is the facade of Odessa, but the heart of Odessa is not here. The heart of Odessa lives in the old Odessa courtyards, surrounded by endless balconies, where the ubiquitous cats bask in the sun and freshly washed clothes rinse in the wind. Unfortunately, now all this is gradually disappearing. Previously, on a small patch of the courtyard, there was a sports ground, a laundry room, a kitchen, an outdoor dining area, and a club of interests. Here they washed and cooked, raised children, discussed the latest news and organized joint feasts on holidays. Now the greenery is disappearing from the yards, displaced by asphalt, as well as tables and benches. Residents cars are increasingly occupying free space, and the smell of gasoline inevitably displaces the smell of flowers and stuffed fish….


During excursion you will learn:

  • What funny thing happened near the monument to Duke;
  • Where, on a legend famous Mishka Yaponchik buried a treasure;
  • Where in Soviet period it was possible to buy a chewing gum, “Malboro” and other foreign items which were not in shops;
  • Where “Elimination” was removed;
  • Where there lived the real prototype of famous James Bond;
  • Where there lived the first-ever creator of the first financial pyramids;
  • What criminal story is connected with the palace of one of the richest people of his time;
  • Where all smuggling in Soviet period were made and not only in this period;
  • What night trainings for criminals in the downtown were;
  • Where, on a legend, women were dumped;
  • Where opera singers which never sang in the opera were neutralized;
  • Where there was a businessman who became the general of state security of the USSR;
  • Where famous Mishka Yaponchik liked to have a rest and what means his phrase “STUFF not to touch”;
  • Where there was the last swindle by famous Sonka the gold handle;
  • How smugglers worked and why in Moldovanka there were catacombs acted;
  • Who was a real prototype of O. Bender;
  • For what terrorists decided to undermine mediocre cafe.


One of the nations that made a significant contribution to the development of Odesa, were Ukrainians. Not many people know that Ukrainian was widely distributed in our city, and that the Ems Ukaz did not apply to Odesa, that’s mean that anyone in our city could write in Ukrainian. Also, the Ukrainian language was popular among a large number of inhabitants of the city.
oday, when we build a nation of nationally conscious citizens of our country, “Odesa – is a Ukrainian city” is not just a cognitive excursion, but also another proof of the bright development of Ukrainian nation in, perhaps, the traditional Russian-speaking south of our country.
This excursion will be useful not only for schoolchildren, but also for anyone who wants to learn the history of breakthrough moments in the Ukrainian culture of the 19th century, that took place in Ukraine, which was under the control of the Russian Empire.


N.L. Shustov Cognac Museum is located in historical part of Odesa – in the old cellars at Odesa cognac factory. We invite you to learn more about one of the largest Cognac Houses of Ukraine, where experienced specialists will dedicate you to the secret of creating a noble drink and help you to understand the science of tasting.  You will make an unforgettable journey in time and touch the “Angels shares” during the visit the shop  of aging and blending cognac spirits, and we will slightly open the veil of the mystery of the birth of cognac and share the unknown stories of old Odessa.



During the tour:
→You will learn how the shell rock was mined;
→You will admire the unique arched passages;→You will follow the routes of famous Odessa smugglers;→You will visit places of gathering of members of the famous Odessa Masonic Lodge;→You will hear stories about Mishka Japonchik and Lubka Kozak;→You will see how was ensured the safety of workers and guests of the mine;→You will learn about the Separate Maritime Army and the 73-day heroic defense of Odessa during the Second World War;→You will admire the unique stalactites;
→You will get unique feelings, knowledge and personal experience of being deep underground, not comparable with anything that happened to you before!



We offer you to spend unforgettable time at the Danube Delta – this is area of unique nature, deep-water fishing channels, endless reed beds and floodplain forests – the last “living” delta of Europe. Fish fresh-soup, that was skillfully made on a wood fire with the famous local wine “Novak”, local herbal tee from wood samovar with local honey will make your journey especially good and memorable.


During its 2500-year existence, the city of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky has acquired a rich history, has experienced many historical eras, its numerous names indicate frequent movement and population change, but the banks of the fast Dniester have always been densely populated.


Tour programs are fun and varied. Everything is breathes history here, everything is inspired by modernity.  Connoisseurs of noble drinks, visiting magnificent ancient objects – the bicentennial Royal, Sherry, two-tier cellars, underground wine vaults, etc., have the opportunity to get acquainted with the history of wine and the originality of Shabo terroir.


Endless prairies, rare animals and plants, a rich cultural and historical heritage – all of this is Frumushika Nova – the pearl of Bessarabia. Leisure in that kind of place is a real gift for the soul.